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1 hour of Tax advice or 1 report relating to your question

1 hour of Tax advice or 1 report relating to your question

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Why do we offer a 1 hour service or a full report on your request?

Because most consulting companies will ask to pay at least a day's work, while sometimes you only need a short hour to make sure you get the right information, at the right time. This hour can change everything in the success of your business and the position you will adopt in the face of the complex system of local and international taxation.

Have you just created your new entity or are you thinking about it?

Do you want to move abroad but are looking for advice on the best tax options?

Do you want to build a plan to optimize your tax burden?

This service is for YOU. We have already helped hundreds of business or individual clients who, thanks to our advice, have been able to set up the plan they wanted for their taxation at a lower cost.

- Normal: you receive your call or your report within 15 days.
- Emergency ! : you receive your call or your report within 3 days.



Personalized advice, optimal offshore destination according to your personal situation, your market, your partners, your company etc.


Implement your overall wealth strategy to optimize your capital and reinject your profits


To help you reduce the tax burden of a natural or legal person at all times while respecting the legislation in force.


These are the key words of our profession. Our expertise is unique on the market and dedicated to leaders.

What you get:

  • Comparison on different jurisdictions according to your specificities
  • Advice related to the tax aspects of the commercial activity of foreign companies in the jurisdiction you have chosen
  • Assistance in choosing a tax-efficient ownership, management and operating structure
  • Analysis of tax structures and transactions to verify the correctness of the application of double tax treaties
  • Structuring the repatriation of profits
  • Review of contracts and other primary documents from a tax perspective to identify potential areas for tax planning
  • Assistance in estimating the costs of implementing new solutions while identifying potential areas for tax planning
  • Reviews and analyzes of cross-border transactions and payments

What do we need ?
Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email with a questionnaire to complete.

We will contact you with a date and time for a remote meeting or a date for receiving your report.

For a tax engineering advisory service that will require more time, please contact us at with further details to receive a quote.

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