Maritime transport = + 85% of world trade volume

Maritime transport is an essential element of any program aimed at sustainable economic growth.

Shipping is arguably the most international of all major industries in the world – and one of the most dangerous. It has always been accepted that the best way to enhance safety at sea is to develop international regulations that are respected by all maritime nations. WBU supports States and private companies in the application of international standards.

Numerous risks for ports and ships

Accidental damage, Poor maintenance, Total loss / added value, Collision, Cyber-risk, Pollution, Corruption (taking control of ports by cartels), Financial loss, even... human losses!

  • Business intelligence

  • Help with decision making

  • Creation of a State security & safety label

  • Continuity of services, monitoring and support

  • Contribute to local economic development

  • President of the Commission

    Etienne Lorant

  • Operations Coordination

    Guillaume Loison

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