Create your business

Opting for a business creation or for the takeover of an existing business requires certain administrative formalities, authorizations as well as the choice of the legal structure of the company. Among these formalities, one can quote: the authorization of establishment, the initial declaration with the VAT, the initial declaration near the Administration of the direct Contributions, the inscription in the local Trade register...

I have an idea to develop

Any creative project begins with an idea: it is often a simple intuition or a desire that matures and takes shape over time. Whatever its origin or nature, professional experience or particular know-how, it is important to develop and challenge your idea before relaunching. The first thing to do is to establish a roadmap, coupled with an initial feasibility study, in order to analyze the opportunities and challenges related to the idea. To do this, discussing with experienced men and women, listening to their observations and advice, is essential.

This step must be carried out rigorously to ensure that the idea turns into a concrete project.

The realization of the idea is closely linked to the project leader, to his qualities and faults, his skills, his personal situation and his expectations. Each future entrepreneur should therefore start by identifying his qualities but also those that he can still improve. This approach allows him to assess his own potential with objectivity and to find partners or continuing education to acquire new skills.

Challenge and structure your idea with WBU, which accompanies you from the idea to the launch of your business.

Create or take over a business

Before embarking on the entrepreneurial adventure, any future entrepreneur must analyze the possibilities available to him. Create or take over an existing business? In certain activities, the takeover of a company can allow a faster start and offer certain advantages: existing structure, team in place and customer portfolio. So many elements to better plan for the future, in terms of growth and turnover. Other benefits include saving time: finding suitable premises, recruiting and training staff, and setting up a launch strategy.

To ensure an effective takeover, developing an entrepreneurial vision that is in line with one's professional skills, personal qualities and that takes into account the capital actually available is essential.

Proper preparation is necessary and maximizes the chances of success in taking over a business. .

Make a business plan

The business plan forms the basis of any creation or takeover project. The choices that the project leader makes will have consequences when launching the activity. He must therefore take the time to think about a more or less long-term strategy and direct his choices accordingly. The business plan is, as such, much more than a simple financial document intended for the banker. It is part of a strategic planning process, structured in major key stages. Before embarking on numerical projections, certain reflections must necessarily be carried out, in particular on the following topics:

  • the profile of the promoter: personality and skills
  • the mission of the company: products, customers and territory
  • the stages of realization: planning of the different stages or “milestones”
  • the market or market segment: characteristics, positioning and competition
  • the methods envisaged to attract customers: strategy and marketing
  • operational organization: technical and human resources required
  • financial forecasts: financial resources, turnover, overheads and profitability

The business plan must bring together all these elements in an overall plan, testifying to the feasibility of the project.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, developing a business plan, and in particular a financial plan, may not be your favorite exercise. And yet, gathering your ideas in a document is important when it comes to seeking funding...

This is where the WBU team comes in: we support you in creating your business plan and your financial plan so that you can send it to your bank, public or private investor, business partner, etc.

Throughout your work of reflection and writing, practical information, explanations and references will be communicated to you online in order to make you as independent as possible in your writing.

The choice of legal form

Alongside the authorizations required, it is essential to think about the legal form that best suits your activity in your personal and tax situation.

This choice must be studied carefully, because the legal form will have a significant impact on the operation of the newly created structure and entails a certain number of consequences on the status, both in terms of property, social and tax. We offer analysis and consulting services at unbeatable costs in order to best guide the entrepreneur in his approach and his project.

Finding premises and the right support for my startup

When the idea and the business project are mature, the business creator can go in search of an appropriate environment in which his startup can evolve. Many startups therefore settle in incubators that not only offer them offices, but also programs that help them develop the project. We support you internationally to find the local partner who will best meet your needs.

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