Support for the internationalization of companies

Once your company is created, you want to develop your activities, by diversifying them, by extending the means of distribution of products or services, by prospecting new markets or by seizing the opportunities opened up by digitalisation. This section gives you an overview of the opportunities for developing your business internationally.

I want to conquer new markets

In an increasingly globalized economy, the conquest of new markets and the search for reliable partners are among the main challenges in the life of a company.

Exporting, like importing, is an opportunity to develop a company's activity and turnover. Promoting economic and commercial relations with foreign countries and assisting companies in the development of exports of their products and in putting them in contact with potential partners for expansion projects at local, regional and international level, are all services proposed by the World Business Union to facilitate access to new markets.

This support is aimed both at companies that are taking their first steps in exporting, and at more experienced ones that are prospecting new markets or seeking new investors.

The support for the internationalization of WBU is materialized by the provision of a global network and, in the field, by the organization of numerous activities such as economic missions, accompanied visits or the provision of collective stands. at trade fairs abroad, information sessions on all aspects of international trade or the reception of foreign delegations in the various districts of WBU.

All these activities are aimed at stimulating the development of economic and trade relations.

Go International: developing your business relations abroad in times of economic crisis? It's possible !

The series of health and geopolitical crises that we are experiencing are enormous challenges to our economy. Especially when times are tough, it is all the more important to maintain business relationships abroad, or even explore new markets. In this difficult period, the entire WBU team and its experts are at your side to help you in the development of your international business activities.

WBU actively supports companies in their entry or expansion into foreign markets. This support takes the form of the organization of:

  • Economic missions
  • International trade fairs (with national pavilions or guided tours)
  • Intermediation and international networking events
  • Import-export logistics support and documentary package
  • Conferences, seminars, webinars, round tables, workshops
  • Individual pre-arranged business-to-business (B2B) meetings

I want to secure my trade abroad

Any company that carries out an export operation must justify the origin of the exported product by producing a certificate of origin that accompanies the goods. We accompany you from A to Z to ensure that your goods:

- be taken care of from an administrative and legal point of view by our import-export experts

- arrive at their destination within the expected and allotted time

- are checked by our technical teams around the world

I want to promote my products

Properly positioning and distinguishing its goods and services vis-à-vis local and international customers is essential to differentiate itself from its competitors.

To promote your products and in partnership with various market players, we offer promotion services that allow you to distinguish your products, your skills, your expertise and your unique know-how.

We support you in the development of the online sale of your products and services: implementation of an e-commerce site, advertising and digital marketing promotion, logistical support with our international partners DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.

I am looking for an international business partner

In order to allow companies to continue their search for partners on a European and international scale, WBU offers you the connection for the purpose of cooperation with foreign companies. This exchange platform is set up and updated daily by our experts via our intranet network.

I want to participate in European public tenders

WBU provides interested companies with a digital monitoring service on European public procurement.

Corresponding as closely as possible to the activity profile of your company, this service allows you to have easy and regular access to calls for tenders from the EU and the Greater Region by receiving electronic alerts of contract notices on which you can position yourself. So you will only receive the relevant quotes that concern you and will no longer waste your precious time looking for these specific calls for tenders for your sector of activity. At the same time, this service will allow you to keep an eye on your competitors.

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