WBU, the Embassy of Track II Diplomacy

In many ways the world today is “multi-leveled”. Economic, political and societal spheres; micro-local, local, national, regional, international scales; material and immaterial flows: the levels overlap, influence, interpenetrate. Our globalized environment can be seen as the board of a multi-dimensional chessboard. More protagonists engage in a more dangerous and complex game.

From this fact and from this layer of actors arise new problems and in particular dubious practices in the business world. Institutional relations are more a matter of "economic diplomacy", based on the convergence of long-term interests, than pure lobbying, which tends to force public decision in a very short time. However, the influence of companies on politicians is still misinterpreted, misunderstood and decried.

However, increasing wealth by promoting local businesses and international inter-business cooperation could well be a vector of peace and job creation (therefore well-being) for populations and developing countries.

Indeed, economic peace is the solution when two States see no direct interest in cooperating. So what is the role of the UIA in the face of this lack of collaboration and mutual understanding?

Our goal is to connect nations through our parallel diplomacy, while providing a transparent framework and platform for all business leaders around the world.

Indeed, WBU is a meeting place between business leaders from all over the world, influential people in the business world, often not sharing the same language, the same culture, the same history. However, they find themselves around a lifestyle, and a mutual understanding of so-called win-win interests, thus allowing them to sit around the same table, to set up partnerships which will allow an exchange fair share of know-how, skills, wealth, but also allow the dissemination and democratization of innovative solutions hitherto reserved for an elite.

Our goals

  • Create a solid and powerful network of entrepreneurs and decision-makers from the economic environment (industry, finance, pharma, construction, etc.)
  • Promoting peace through economics
  • (Re)establish dialogue between various States through their startups and companies that collaborate with other companies internationally.
  • Restore the image of matchmakers by providing them with a recognized legal and transparent structure
  • Promoting a system of universal and equitable values ​​in the business world often viewed with suspicion by society and the media.

Economic diplomacy is still little known, but its emissaries are essential for companies today. Privileged intermediaries between political decision-makers and their society, they defend their interests and strive to anticipate any change in their environment with politicians. They are the new business ambassadors.

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