Qu'est-ce que le métaverse ?

What is the Metaverse?




The concept of metaverse refers to a future version of the Internet that hosts persistent virtual spaces accessible through 2D and 3D interactions in videoconferencing.


The world of crypto and NFTs is deeply integrated into it.




The concept of metaverse first arose in a novel called Simulacres written in 1964 by Philip Kindred Dick, it simply refers to a parallel world.


Subsequently in the late 1970s, a role-playing game called “MUD” for multi-user-dungeon was created by Richard Bartle. It is a virtual place but only textual, no electronic interface.


In 2003, the first game that really showed the potential of the metaverse was “Second Life”. The type of game was an MMO for “massively multiplayer online”.

The goal of the game was simple: everyone created their virtual character in a parallel world where players modified the environment through their actions. Being free, it quickly went viral.


Since October 28, 2021, the metaverse has grown in popularity, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook as “Meta”. His goal: to develop the web3 part of his business. This reorientation will have cost him 13 billion dollars.





The goal of the metaverse is to create a parallel world.


As for its usefulness, it is still quite vague and yet we can already imagine what this virtual world will offer.


It's simple, you just have to take what's in web2 (internet) and model it in 3D in web3 (metaverse).


We could, for example, go shopping in 3-dimensional shops, go inside to test the clothes and then buy them in the form of NFTs and pay with cryptocurrencies.


This world seems crazy and yet some projects like “the sandbox” already allow this experience.


You could also start your business in the metaverse and buy space in a building.


In short, you can do whatever is possible in this world of so much promise.


The only limit is in the lines of code...


The future


The metaverse will become more and more democratized as was the case for video games.


We are going to see public figures who take sides or who become muses of certain metaverses.


Or maybe it's a fad that will pass over time, no one can know.


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