Ukraine/Russie: Crise énergétique

Ukraine/Russia: Energy crisis



On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Russia began to invade Ukraine.


Europe sided with the Ukraine. The only concern is that France mainly supplies Russian gas.


Logically, Russia began to sell more expensively to its “enemies”.


International Energy Agency Executive Director Fatih Birol said "The world is experiencing the first truly global energy crisis in its history."


Especially since Europe is in the middle of the American and Russian powers.


The energy crisis


The current energy crisis is unprecedented, Europe having decided not to invest in its means of production finds itself with its back against the wall and having to buy “more expensive” gas from its “enemies” against all odds.


This is why the 27 Member States of the European Union are striving to reduce their energy dependence (oil and gas) on Russia.


This has caused record prices for electricity. A sharp reduction in the general supply of oil and gas has heightened concern over the coming winter.


The war having started in February, the states were able to use their stocks to hold out until summer, but when is winter coming?


Jozef Sikela, the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade declared “We are in an energy war with Russia and this harms the whole of the EU”.


France and Germany announced a few weeks ago that electricity prices in 2023 would increase drastically. 850 euros per megawatt hour in Germany and 1000 euros in France. While the previous year the price was 85 euros for both countries. (multiplication by 10 and 12)



losers and winners


The difference is easily seen. Those who have the energy and the means to produce it get richer.


The losers are above all the populations, but above all the European populations, because in addition to not being serene about the future, they will have to pay 12 times more for their electricity.


And if this continues, the crisis could spread and affect other types of energy. (fuel, etc.)


The winners lead the dance and make the other states dependent on the energy level. Dependency forces “losing” states to buy at the highest price.



The future


The next few months and in particular the winter will be decisive in understanding how the conjecture will evolve.


No one can predict whether the war will drag on and how it might hurt us even more.

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