Crise de l'énergie : remplacement par les énergies vertes dans la construction

Energy crisis: replacement by green energy in construction

In Europe, 75% of real estate does not produce energy.

And as far as France is concerned, 45% of energy consumption is due to buildings.

The energy issue has been, as we know, one of the most important concerns for several decades now.

With a view to replacing so-called “non-clean” energies, certain developments have emerged. (including in construction)

One of these developments is the creation of intelligent buildings or smartbuildings.


The term may sound complicated, but it is quite simple.

Smart buildings use advanced technology (such as home automation) through which it creates “clean” positive energy.

For example, the house will calculate that the temperature is good and will therefore decide on its own to stop heating. Or a house equipped with solar panels will calculate that it produces too much electricity for the sole use of the home and will decide by itself to resell this energy.

How to set up?

To set up this kind of process, there are two possibilities.

The first is renovation, for this you will have to study which home automation is adaptable to the building, and which technology could really save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

The second is the construction, for this possibility, you have the choice. You can choose many more parameters such as the terrain, the exposure of the building as well as the home automation that you are going to install there. Savings and the environmental footprint can be much more calculated and optimized.

The common point between these two possibilities is that they can benefit from the so-called building automation system. The principle is that there is a centralized intelligence that pilots and ensures the control of all the devices in the building. (Example: heating, security system, solar panels or lighting, etc.).

What benefits does it bring?

The Grenelle 1 and Grenelle 2 laws have made it mandatory to find buildings that consume less energy in order to reduce the energy consumption of residents.

The main benefits of replacing green energy in construction:

  • Comfort is improved, no need to think about adjusting your electronic devices, building automation does it for you. (Example: electric shutters, heating, ventilation, lighting according to brightness and time)
  • Saving time is correlated to the previous point, because most actions are piloted and automated remotely.
  • Savings, buildings manage themselves to consume as little as possible. Moreover, it is built in such a way that you consume less. (Example: solar panel, insulation, exposure, etc.)
  • Environmental protections, you consume less and smarter so nature is less polluted by greenhouse gas emissions.

The ultimate goal of a building is to create more energy than it consumes.

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